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Digital Language Labs

Interative White Boards


Speexx Language Learning

SPEEXX Online or Offline


Speexx is your tailor-made online language learning solution for Business English, Spanish, French, Italian and German – no matter where your students are based.

The Adventure Begins

Interactive Whiteboards


Calasanz SIX-Touch Board is the latest interactive whiteboard system. This truly multi-touch whiteboard system is user-friendly and requires no separate multi-user mode setting.

Digital Language Labs


With installation in the respected schools in the world, the Calasanz Digital Language is the leader in language learning.

Welcome to amazing Technology!

There’s more than brilliant engineering behind Calasanz Technology.

Calasanz the name, originated from Joseph Calasanz, dubbed an educational giant who promoted universal education to all classes of society without discrimination.

Calasanz Technology is an international educational technology company based in Canada providing integrated learning solutions for K-12, colleges, universities - and corporate  boardrooms - worldwide